Gaieties 2002: The Quadfather

November 2002, Memorial Auditorium, Stanford, CA

Frame 1

Stanford's #1
Frame 2

Sh*t's F*cked Up
Frame 3

White Plaza
Frame 4

The Old Dot-Commers'
Frame 5

The Old Dot-Commers'
Frame 6

Hopped Up on
Jungle Mushrooms
Frame 7

House Meeting
Frame 8

The Heroes Plan
Frame 9

The Weenies
Frame 10

Callie Song
Frame 11

Meeting The Quadfather
Frame 12

The 24-Hour
Study Room
Frame 13

He is the very
Model of a Modern
Stanford President
Frame 14

Lube Boy
Frame 15

President Hennissy
Frame 16

Frame 17

All photos by
Andrew M. Reid

All rights reserved