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Big Game Gaieties 2004

Big Game Gaieties is Stanford's oldest, wildest, and most popular theater tradition. It's a musical extravaganza written by students and performed in anticipation of Stanford winning Big Game against Cal. Singing, dancing, and nudity are guaranteed. We'll even have appearances by special guests (yes...President Hennessy will be appearing).

When and Where: November 17, 18, 19 in Memorial Auditorium.
Tickets: $9 students, $15 general.

Contact the Producer for group ticket sales info or if you have any questions about the show. Get ALL of your dorm to come! The dorms or houses with the highest percentage of residents coming to gaieties get the best seats!

Contact the Technical Director if you are interested in doing tech (run crew, spot ops, flies, etc) for the show. No experience is necessary.

We are currently recruiting musicians who play the following instruments to be part of the 2004 Gaieties Jazz Orchestra.

Auditions will be from 6-8 PM in Braun Music Center Rm. 105 this Wed. 10/6 and Th. 10/7. If you're interested in auditioning please email the music director Ben Whaley at bwhaley@stanford.edu, tell him your contact info and what instruments you play. Ram's head encourages people with any musical background to apply.


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