Big Game Gaieties 1991: The Quadfather

Tony and Maria's Wedding

The highlight of Gaieties '91 for many audience members was the final Gaieties cameo of then-president Donald Kennedy. The scene: Tony and Maria, two Stanford students, are being married by the Pope in front of Stanford's Memorial Church. Their wedding is interrupted by two men, both claiming to be Maria's long-lost Uncle Vito visiting from Sicily. Who can tell which is the real Don Vito? After all, says the Pope, "They are both so convincing!"

President Kennedy then enters as "Don Don," and feigns a heart attack. When one of the Vitos suggests taking him to the Cowell Student Health Center, Don Don instantly recovers, noting that "only a Weenie would suggest taking a dying man to Cowell!" The impostor, Domino, is taken away in cuffs (handcuffs, you idiot), and a jubilant dance number ensues (The Stanford Lambada).

At the height of the number, the dance captain flings off her hat, revealing herself as none other than Robin Kennedy, Stanford's First Lady. "Wanna dance?" she asks Don coyly, and the scene ends as Don and Robin tango solo in the spotlight.

Below, Don Don falls ill, attended to by (from left to right) Vito (Josť Paco Farias '94), the parents of the bride (Guy Tucker '92 and Elena Melendez '94), the happy couple (Dylana Blum '95 and Steve Sherman '95), and impostor Domino (Tony Farrell '94, '95).

photos courtesy the Ram's Head Archives
captions by Dan Goldman