Big Game Gaieties 1992: Achtung Weenie Retreat

Every year the cast of Gaieties takes a break for a weekend at Pajaro Dunes or a similarly idyllic setting. During Gaieties '92: Achtung Weenie, Dan Goldman was taking Photo I, and snapped some artsy black-and-white shots of the mayhem for his portfolio. Here are a few that made the final cut:


(JPEG, 72K) Featured, from left to right: Lorri Elder '96, Lori Ginsburg '95, Ajna Pisani '96, Su-Ting Fu '94, Adrian Khactu '95?, Teddy Johnson '93, Dave Barlin '95.

"Freeze Tag"

(JPEG, 66K) Featured, from left to right: Adrian Khactu '95?, Katie Tinto '96, Jeff Meador '95, Teddy Johnson '93, Ingrid Hoffman '95

Photos and captions by Dan Goldman