Big Game Gaieties 1994 Retreat

Above, the cast frolics in the waves off Pajaro Dunes.

To the left, Executive Producer Jeff Meador '95 gets his hair dyed a lovely shade of green by Set Designer Blake Naughton (left) and Lighting Designer Antoine Picard. Jeff also died his hair red at the One-Acts retreat. We are hoping he will do something equally exciting to his hair at the Once On This Island retreat!

To the right, actress Shaine Muller '98 shows she's all washed up.

Below, Ramon Torres '97 (foreground), Ashley Johnson '98 (red sweatshirt), and Jodi Rothman '97 (far right) get creamed by fellow cast members.

(pic) Actor Chad Bonaker '98, Executive Producer Jeff Meador '94, and Actress Julie Davisson '97 enjoy a moment of quiet reflection at a cast party.

Below, a happy cast backstage. Clockwise from lower right, Jenn Kao '98, Joaquin Torres '97, Sara Farley '98, two people I can't identify in the very dark background, Sierra Washington '98, Ramon Torres '97, Carrie Casselman '97, and Courtney Lake '98.

Here is a large image of the program cover (JPEG, 55K). That's University President Gerhard Casper doing a star turn as a Natural Born President!

photos by Jeff Meador
captions by Dan Goldman