Ram's Head Theatrical Society

Big Game Gaieties 1996

Memorial Auditorium - November 20, 21, 22, 1996

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The Program Cover/Poster

Memorial Auditorium
Ah yes, this is where it all started, from auditions to performances.

The Cast
What a bunch of happy, perky people!

The Women of Gaieties
"Legs longer than the line at the..." well, you know.

The Men of Gaieties
What studs! Don't ya love all that make-up?

The Staff
The group of amazing people who kicked us into shape and made sure that everything looked and sounded awesome.

The Orchestra
Our super-groovy conductor and musicians who brought all those great Gaieties tunes to life.

Sketch, the sketchy sketch artist
"I draw nice picture for you..."

Adrienne "she must have seen the sun" Watt
and Jenn "not anymore" Chou
Kickin' back in Dr. KAL's chair.

With Brooke Fries and Jenny Moon,
aka Tyler and Scuyler.
"Half a brain each?"

Kristin "then what are you doing at the Daily?" Grenfell.
Celebrating Kristin's birthday on closing night. Carrot cake... mmm, my favorite!

With Karen "she will burn" Rose.
After a long night at strike, we finally let our hair down.

From the Daily, 25 November 1996.