Big Game Gaieties 1997

Staff Bio's

Production Staff

Jennie Caleshu (Producer) - With a giant sucking sound in the spring of 1996, Ram's Head snatched me out of hum bio hell and threw me into TD-ing a little special project called Loot. Like the drug pushers they are, they gave me a free taste of crack just to get me addicted, enough to make me stage manage Gaieties 1996 to support my habit. With that under my belt, I spent winter quarter whoring myself to companies to support City of Angels and spring break fighting with Pagemaker and Photoshop to make the program. Fool's Dream quickly followed (no rest for the foolish!) and my production career (I think...I'll get back to you...) truly began. Now I'm producing this mother. And despite Jit's best efforts to convince all male cast members to the contrary, my title as sketch queen is now relinquished (grin).

Jennifer Gadda (Assistant Producer, Block Tickets) - Jen Gadda (commonly known as "Jengadda") is an Assistant Producer, managing ticket sales and block ticket seating, as well as building bizzare sets at Quinn's will, and generally hanging around backstage. She's a sophomore currently in search of a major, and lives for the hope that one day, RENT will come to San Francisco.

Jase Hernandez (House Manger, Costume Designer) - Welcome to the sketchiest, yet most rewarding experience of your Stanford careers. I am Jase and I am your costume designer and house manager; a gaieties veteran, i know well the how crazy the next weeks will be, but the people will make it very worthwhile. If you have any questions/ issues about Gaieties, Rams Head, the meaning of life, ANYTHING! please give me a call i would love to listen to your fears, alleviate your stress, recount sketchiness of days past. my number is 7-5125!

Kevin Lemmons (Social Manger) - I am Kevin Lemons, your happening social manager, and I love you. My dearly important job includes getting to know the cast, ensuring that everyone is enjoying themselves, giving lap dances to the staff, and organizing the not to be missed, once in a lifetime, 100th anniversary, highly scandalous GAIETIES RETREAT, destined to be one of the highlights of your Stanford experience. Everyone must go!

Hillary Stamm (Business Manager) - Hi, I am Hillary and I have lots of money -- Gaieties money, that is, 'cause I am the business manager.... I wish I could be up on stage too but Holly won't let me... I's a senior... from Seattle.

Christina Drake (Assistant Producer, Program and Spring Show '98 Producer) - This fall I'll be hitting up businesses for money and you guys to work on Spring Show. I'll also be getting friendly with Pagemaker. This cross-over to the darkside (I'm a drama major and that's what it's considered) began with some crack and Stage Managing last year's Spring Show - City of Angels/Angles/Furniture. Moving on to Jello shots and Goldschlager, I auditioned for Fool's Dream and then somehow wound up also doing props (I can make a butterfly net out of some wire, white gauze and a stick). And, oh yeah, the Stanford Men's Basketball Team is dreamy. BEAT CAL!

Artistic Staff

Holly Crafts (Director) - well, i've been entirely too involved in ram's head, probably for my own and the health of others around me. and even more so for this gaieties thing--you can also call me sybil in terms of my responsibilities: first a writer, then director, then board member. in my free time i kitchen manage at my house, kairos, and am working on my honors thesis. i'm feeling like i have a little time to spare so maybe i'll take up badminton. i wish to thank my cat, bob, for being a tolerant and loving support, and to my mom, for all the kegstands to come. and also, to mike, for the full monty.

Nathan Baynard (Assistant Director) - is a 19-year-old sophomore from the Washington DC area. He has been performing for a long time, but his life was not complete until he was in Gaieties last year. Playing the guy in the Spandex shirt/surfer dude/Hick was one of the best memories of his life. He continued performing throughout the year with City of Angels and Falsettos, but is very excited to be back with Gaeities this year and can't wait for his first stint behind the scenes in a directing capacity.

Jo Chien (Choreographer) - My name is Jo Chien and I am the choreographer for Gaieties this year. For three nights, I will make you, or at least make you appear to be, a hip, groovin', sexy Dancin' Diva or Divo. You will be the object of everyone's desire and envy as you thrust that pelvis and roll that hip. You will grow to love your body. You will love to touch your body, and you will love to have your body touched by both friends and strangers alike. Get ready to do some serious sweatin'!

Jenna Land (Assistant Choreographer) - I started Stanford with Ram's Head my freshman year, and haven't gotten it out of my system. After a brief stint playing memorable characters such as Jan Brady and "Brigitta" in The Axe Files, I took the rest of the year off. But I came back in my sophomore year to play the "good" whore in City Of Angels. I love to dance, I can't sing, and I think Barry Manilow is the best musician in the world.

Chris Tate (Vocal Director) - In the early 1800's a noble English gentleman and his beautiful -- but fragile -- wife bore a set of twins. Due to mysterious circumstances, one of the twins was lost. Raised by a family of unusually large squirrels, the boy learned the ways of the forest... including, but not limited to, cracking nuts with only his left front tooth. That man eventually found his way to America, where he started a family. This man had a son, who also had a son, who... has absolutely no relation to me. I was born in New Jersey. I'm the vocal director. Thank You.

Will Buck (Music Director) - Will Buck is a sophomore majoring in music. In addition to conducting, he plays the trumpet, and in his free time, re-lives his high school cross-country glory days by jogging a mile or two.

Christiaan Royer (Composer) - Hi! I am a easy-going CSE and MST major who enjoys good conversation, good food, and good music. Speaking of good music, as composer, I want to make sure the score is well-polished and can get the audience involved. If you have any questions/comments about the music, feel free to get in touch with me. Enjoy the 100th Big Game Gaieties!

Technical Staff

Quinn McKew (Technical Director) - hey all, i'm quinn mckew, the older member of the mckew squared technical team and the technical director for gaieties this year. i'm also on the board of directors for ram's head, so i get to tell myself no when i want to spend more money. i've been such a tool for ram's head over the past three years that there's a spot for a drill bit in my head, so if you have any questions about almost anything feel free to ask.

Andy Roberts (Assistant Technical Director) - I guess I need to think of something funny to say for my bio. Is it like City, where we each get a sentence, or now that I'm staff I get like a whole page? I hazard to guess that I only get a sentence, but that's okay. I'll think of something funny. Let's see, I'm still "waiting for someone to pull my finger" but I did that one for city. Is the joke old? Hmmm. How about, "is sick of people pulling his finger and wants something else pulled?" No, too subtle. How about something for DKE? Okay okay, let me think here. How about, wait I've got it. How about: "Can't live with 'em. Pass the beernuts." -- Norm from Cheers

Molly "Wanker" McKew & Matt "Moron-san" Traverso (Co set designers) - Notice the title. Neither of us is an ASSistant anything. Well, we try not to advertise, at least. We are only moderately insane. We create based on the visions given to us by the golden master. Our credo: "My head is on loose, but my shoes are tight. This makes interpretive dance difficult, and altogether challenging. Major in something techie or find yourself the center of attention at every cocktail party."

John Knag (Lighting Designer) - John is the lighting designer for Gaieties 97. He was very excited about designing a show on the big stage... till he found out he had a day to do it. While not living in Mem Aud, John expresses his joy de vivre in many ways, including sailing, consuming "shlager" and representing the old skool.

Elizabeth Martin (Sound Designer) - Elizabeth Martin is a sophomore who has never been involved with a Ram's Head Production before. She is a drama nut who has done just about every job in the theatre EXCEPT sound and is looking forward to giving that a try. She is also hoping to declare drama this quarter.

Sheela Hedge (Sound Designer) - Hi. I'm Sheela. I was told to design sound. I tried to get it to go faster, like around the speed of light, and I tried to give it color, but it didn't work. Oh well. If you can at least hear them singing on stage, my job is done.

Wrenn Levenberg (Props Mistress) - I'm Wrenn Levenberg, a junior living in Lambda Nu. Last year, I went to Gaieties and came out of the theatre with sore stomach and cheek muscles from laughing so much. I am from Chicago, I love Colorado, and I have never been involved in a production before. This fall, I am Props Queen and looking forward to having tons of fun with all the new people I meet. One more sentence: I like to laugh and eat and dance and sleep and play Ultimate Frisbee and go to the beach and email and watch movies and read and drink smoothies.

Kim Harrison (Costume Designer) - no sense of humor, no sense of style, no sense at all. nevertheless, they decided to give me a chance. my gratitude to the gaieties folk. special thanks to nc and the suite posse. and of course, to my incredible edible pie. oh, and the violator lives on...

Our Stage Managers (who defy categorization)

Abhijit "Jit" Bhattacharya (Stage Manager) - My name is Jit. I boss around Steven. In the rest of my life, I'm a mechanical engineering major so I don't have much of a life. Do you want my number?

Steven Aronowitz (Assistant Stage Manager) - My name is Steven. I work for Jit. In the rest of my life, I might be a poly sci major, live in northern California, and like to ski. Can i have your number?