Original Winter One Acts 1997

About the Show(s)

Original Winter One Acts 1997 is a non-traditional showcase of writing, artistic, production and performance talent. In addition to student-written one act plays, the show will include original music performances and other artistic displays. This year's performance will include:

State of the Show


Dates: Jan 16-17, 21-25
Location: Nitery Theatre, Old Union, Stanford University
Tickets: On sale in White Plaza or at the door.

For more information or ticket reservations call 723-0801.

Show Synopses

Fred Savage from television's Wonder Years makes his Directorial debut with "Connection Down." Written by Jon Goldman, the one-act explores identity and human connection in the Internet era. Eric Toscano, who plays Barry, makes his first appearance on the stage. Returning to Original Winter One Acts are Anne Cunha (Sheila) and Nathan Harper (Jack).

"Waiting for 'Waiting for Godot'" (written by Rudolph Delson, directed by Jason Alisharan) is a comedy playing on the play "Waiting for Godot." On the thought that more in the theatre is in need of mockery than just Beckett, the play also lampoons "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern", Quentin Tarrantino, Jerry Seinfeld, the playwright Rudolph Delson, and necrophelia. And what better way to mock theatre based on males exchanging witty banter than by employing males engaged in witty banter?

In "The Voluntary Inane," (written by Robin Moroney with Alex Sepiol, directed by Arti Garg) Stanley Carpenter, a revered poet, is beginning to fray around the edges. He suspects he is going insane, the healing power that poetry used to have for him has worn thin. Given over to mad delusions he throws his girlfriend out of his house and effectively disappears. The next time anybody sees him, he has renounced poetry and instead spends his time making advertisements for a chicken company and writing for birthday cards. His friends, appalled, try to convince him to take up his poetry again rather than continue what they consider to be idiotic behaviour. The play is darkly comic and also feature a chorus made up of neurotic members of the artistic community.

Press Release

Jodi Rothman, Producer


Stanford University's student-run Ram's Head Theatrical Society announces its 1997 production of Original Winter One Acts. The show features three student-written and directed one-act plays performed on the same evening. This year's show will also include live musical performances.

Tickets can be purchased in White Plaza on campus 11-2 pm Monday through Friday or at the box office at the Nitery Theatre in Stanford's Old Union which opens 30 minutes prior to performances. Showtimes: January 16, 17, 21, 22, 23 at 8:00 pm; Friday, January 24 two shows at 7:00 pm and 10:30 pm; and Saturday January 25 at 7:00 pm. Please call (415) 723-0801 for ticket reservations ($8 students, $15 general) and more information. The show is expected to sell out.

The show's popularity can be attributed partly to the talented writers, directors and actors involved. Fred Savage, from television's Wonder Years, will be making his Directorial debut with "Connection Down" written by Jon Goldman. Producer Jodi Rothman explains, "I liked this script's innovative exploration of human connection in the Internet era."

Three scripts were selected out of 18 original submissions. In addition to "Connection Down," Rudolph Delson's "Waiting for 'Waiting for Godot'" directed by Jason Alisharan and Robin Moroney's "The Voluntary Inane" directed by Arti Garg promise to be very entertaining.


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