Ram's Head Theatrical Society
proudly presents

Original Winter One Acts
January 22 - 24, 28 - 31, 1998
Eleanor Prosser Studio

Texas and Tom
written by Ilana Weiner
directed by Erryn Lewis

Solitaire for Two
written by Jeremy Sawyer
directed by Ana-Catrina Savulescu

Shakespeare's Sonnets
written by Samuel Park
directed by Dan Pintauro

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Performance Notes

Original Winter One Acts 1997 took place Jan. 22 at 9:30pm, Jan. 28, 29, 31 at 8pm, Jan. 24 at 10:30pm, and Jan. 23, 30 at 7pm and 10:30pm. All performances were in Eleanor Prosser Studio, located in Stanford's Drama Department.

Performance Schedule
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9:30 pm
7 pm
10:30 pm
10:30 pm
8 pm
8 pm
7 pm
10:30 pm
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Show Synopses

"Texas and Tom", written by Ilana Weiner and directed by Erryn Lewis, is the brilliant story of Tennessee Williams and Margo Jones, the amazing woman who helped to make his plays a success. The story of their relationship is told by mirroring the events and themes of "The Glass Menagerie." It is a show about fast paced lifestyles, quick talking, and the road to success. The play crosses boundaries of time, space, and genre which make it visually appealing and exciting to watch.

"Solitaire for Two", written by Jeremy Sawyer and directed by Ana-Catrina Savulescu, is about solitude and solidarity, blurry dilemmas of fantasy and reality, and living with the death of love. It is a struggle in the face of ultimate mystery. Soren goes to bed with his nagging wife, Margaret. He wakes the next morning to discover a mysterious and beautiful woman whom he has never seen before in his bed. Things escalate from there. Meanwhile, in another world, an old man named Fred and a younger Bill play solitaire with their own decks and talk of love, spirits, and perverse dreams.

"Shakespeare's Sonnets", written by Samuel Park and directed by Dan Pintauro, follows 50 years in the lives of two gay men, together and apart, as they live through the oppressive McCarthy years and discover a world of pain, love, and desire. It's about the moments that we remember, and the things we can't forget. It's 1948 and Jean is discovering in college the things that he likes best: theatre, Shakespeare's sonnets, and his friend Adam. These are also the things that, for the rest of his life, will keep his heart afloat, and ablaze.

Cast Lists

Texas & Tom

Kevin Lemons            Tennessee               yourmom@leland
Natausha Wilson         Margo                   dutchess@leland
Peter Douglas           Anthony                 peterdls@stanford
Charles Bibilos         Eddie                   cbibilos@leland
Holly Crafts            Laurette                hberry@leland
Rebecca Hanover         Julie                   rebeccah@leland

Solitaire for Two

Arthur Schram           Soren                   schram@leland
Katie Sigismund         Margaret                sigi@leland
Anne Cunha              Nania                   alcunha@leland
John Chakan             Fred                    bigjohnjc@hotmail.com
David Regelmann         Bill                    naevus@leland
Cody Harris             Joey                    csharris@leland

Shakespeare's Sonnets

Nick Kelley             Jean                    ntkelley@leland
David Goehring          Adam                    goehring@leland
Anne Gifford            Ann                     agifford@leland

Staff List


Texas & Tom             Erryn Lewis             elewis@leland
Asst. Directors         Steven Aronowitz        steven78@leland
                        Jit Bhattacharya        jit@leland
Solitaire for Two       Ana-Catrina Savulescu   catrina@leland
Asst. Director          Jenny Moon              moon@leland
Shakepeare's Sonnets    Dan Pintauro            nutterb@leland
Asst. Director          Jason Kirk              jkirk@leland


Texas & Tom             Ilana Weiner            weinbean@aol.com
Solitaire for Two       Jeremy Sawyer           germ@leland
Shakepeare's Sonnets    Samuel Park             samuelp@leland

Production Staff

Producer                Julie Cuevas            jcuevas@leland
Associate Producer      Molly Sullivan          sulliv13@leland
Assistant Producer      Melissa Luke            mluke@leland
Technical Director      Arti Garg               artigarg@leland
Financial Director      Monica Lai              mlai@leland
Stage Manager           Megan Fuller-Deets      megand@leland
House Manager           Monya De                piratwin@leland
Asst. House Manager     Maricia Scott           maricia@leland
Lights/Set Designer     Chad Bonaker            charva@leland
Lights/Set Designer     Jeff Clarke             blackhat@leland
Sound Designer          Kingsley Willis         kwillis@leland
Asst. Sound             Katie Tipson            ktipson@leland
Art Design              Soojin Kim              sooge@leland
Scenic Artist           Jessica Kessin          jzk@leland
Costume Designer        Elizabeth Reeds         ereeds@leland
Make-Up Designer        Erica Robles            ewoka@leland
Property Master         Selena Hsu              se34@leland
Asst. Props             Kevin Garwood           kgarwood@gulf.uvic.ca
Advertising/            John Lim                johnlim@stanford.edu
  Publicity Manager

Cast Bio's

More coming soon... cast, send your bio's to jstabaco@leland! :)

Peter Douglas ("Texas and Tom") - Peter is excited to be making his Ram's Head debut in the 1998 Winter One Acts production of "Texas and Tom." This is Peter's first year at Stanford and only his second theatrical production. Stanford theatre-goers might recognize him from Twelfth Night, in which Peter played Valentine and a very dangerous-looking thug. Peter's most recent work includes the title role in Hamlet at Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan, Martin Dyshart in Equus at the National Cathedral School in Washington, D.C., and Stuckley in The Castle at the British American Drama Academy in Oxford, England. Peter is looking forward to working with Ram's Head again in future productions and would like to thank his family for all their support over the years.

Staff Bio's

More coming soon... staff, send your bio's to jstabaco@leland! :)

Julie Cuevas (Producer) - Julie joined Ram's Head her freshman year as Laura Ingalls Wilder in Gaieties '94. There she learned new games to play with bananas. :) She then went on to appear in Original Winter One Acts '95 and '97. She loved OWOA so much that she decided to try her hand at producing it, and that's where she is now. She'll also be choreographing the Chess moves this year. Can't escape Ram's Head and doesn't want to. :)

Megan Fuller-Deets (Stage Manager) - Megan worked on this year's Gaieties for Ram's Head and Twelfth Night for the Drama Department and will also be the assistant stage manager for Chess in the spring. She admits to being suicidal and addicted to theatre and would like to thank her family and friends who only see her two weeks a term and love her anyway.

John Lim (Advertising/Publicity Manager) has recently joined Ram's Head as a freshman, planning to major in Psychology and minoring in Drama. He loves publicity and has a special bond with fax machines. He is very happy to be a part of a wonderful show and hopes you enjoy it.

Jenny Moon (Asst. Director, "Solitaire for Two") - This is Jenny's first involvement with a Ram's Head production other than Gaieties. She'd like to think it's the first step in escaping the Gaieties machine, but if she thought that, she'd be wrong. She would be thinking the right thing, only it's the complete opposite.

Samuel Park (Writer, "Shakespeare's Sonnets") is a senior majoring in English. "Shakespeare's Sonnets" is his second Ram's Head Winter One Act, having written and directed one for the Drama Department last year. Writing for him is a way to save money from therapy and to share something -- good or bad -- with other people.

Ana-Catrina Savulescu (Director, "Solitaire for Two") - Ana-Catrina, also known as the Princess of Romania, is a sophomore in Human Biology. She was stage manager for OWOA last year, when she spent a lot of time watching rehearsals and learning about the "other side of the curtain" in theatre. This year she was NOT going to get involved with Ram's Head, because it's her HumBio core year; but passing by the Green Room, she made the mistake of reading Jeremy Sawyer's script for "Solitaire for Two." Next thing she knew, she was directing it, and loving it.