The Mystery of Edwin Drood

April 2002, Memorial Auditorium, Stanford, CA

This "Tony Award Winning, Choose Your Own Ending, Murder Mystery" ran for two weekends in April 2002. It was preformed by Ram's Head Theatrical Society at Memorial Auditorium, Stanford, California.

Based loosely on the unfinished Charles Dickens novel of the same name, The Mystery of Edwin Drood takes place in late Nineteenth Century Cloisterham and recounts the story of the Young Edwin Drood, his fiancee the fair Miss Rosa Budd, Drood's Schizophrenic Uncle Mr. John Japser, who is in love with Rosa. In addition there are the Landless Twins, Helena and Neville who have been put under the care of the Reverend Crisparkle. And then there is the mysterious Princess Puffer, who runs the opium den in London where John Japser seeks treatment.

However, in the musical version by Rupert Holmes--of "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)" fame--we witness the The Mystery of Edwin Drood as presented by the Victorian acting troop of the Music Hall Royale. Therefore, the is a great deal of fluidity with the fourth wall, as the members of the acting troop often break character to interact directly with this audience. This is a trademark of the show. It also helps set up the ending...

As the Mystery of Edwin Drood was never completed, the murderer's identity remains a mystery to this day. Therefore, the audience votes on who they think the murder is and the actors perform that ending.

For more detailed plot description please see synopsis.

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