Kiss Me Kate

April 2004, Memorial Auditorium, Stanford, CA

Photo Call Pictures

Frame 1

Another Openin'
Frame 2

Another Show
Frame 3

In Philly, Boston
Frame 4

or Baltimo'
Frame 5

Why Can't You Behave?
Frame 6

Why Can't You Behave?
Frame 7

Dressing Rooms
Frame 8

Frame 9

So In Love
Frame 10

So In Love: Dance
Frame 11

We Open In Vence
Frame 12

Any Tom, Dick, or Harry
Frame 13

Any Tom, Harry, or Dick
Frame 14

Frame 15

I Hate Men
Frame 16

I Hate Men
Frame 17

Were Thine...
Frame 18

Kiss Him Kate
Frame 19

Too Darn Hot
Frame 20

Too Darn Hot
Frame 21

Too Darn Hot
Frame 22

Too Darn Hot
Frame 23

Too Darn Hot
Frame 24

"Here Sir"
Frame 25

"Here Sir"
Frame 26

"Where is the Life"
Frame 27

Always True to You
Frame 28

From This Moment On
Frame 29

So In Love (Reprise)
Frame 30

Brush Up
Frame 31

Frame 32

Frame 33

Frame 34

Gutbuster & Moon
Frame 35

Blue Gutbuster
All photos by
Andrew M. Reid

All rights reserved