Once On This Island

State of the Show

Auditions are over and the show has been cast! Rehearsals started the second week of the quarter.

We are currently seeking players for the pit orchestra. Contact Derek Tan for more info.


January 10
	7:30pm		Informational meeting, Room 300-300
January 11
	6-12pm		Auditions
January 12
	6-12pm		Auditions
January 13
	6-12pm		Auditions
January 14
	6-12pm		Callbacks
January 15

April 13
	8pm		Preview
April 14
	8pm		OPENING!
April 15
	8pm		curtain
April 19
	8pm		brush-up
April 20
	8pm		curtain
April 21
	8pm		curtain
April 22


Laura Wilson		Producer		llw@leland		7-1052
Ariana Garfinkel	Assoc. Producer		stariana@leland		7-6204
Marnie Berringer	Assoc. Producer		marnie@leland		7-2966
Amelia Paulson		Asst. Prod., Financial	ameliam@leland		7-1374
Ana Moreno		Asst. Prod., Box Office	morenoa@leland		7-7004
Marisa Pick		Asst. Prod., Program	mnp@leland		7-1112
Dan Goldman		Asst. Prod., Marketing	dgoldman@cs		7-9716
Dan Pintauro		Asst. Prod., Events	aneilio@leland		7-0745
Fred Savage		Asst. Prod., Outreach	fasman@leland		7-4307
Ilana Weiner		Dramaturg		weinbean@leland		7-4281

Karen Brecher		Director		brecher@leland		7-4452
Marisa Pick		Asst. Director		mnp@leland		7-1112
Alex Mazard		Choreographer		alexela@leland		322-9020
Njoke Thomas		Assoc. Choreographer	njoke@leland		7-1708
Greg Chun		Vocal Director		gchun@us.oracle.com	966-1385
Derek Tan		Music Director		tanbo@leland		7-2116

Carrie Casselman	Stage Manager		carriejc@leland		7-2887
Quinn McKew		Asst. Stage Manager	quinnmck@leland		7-7871

Blake Naughton		Technical Director	naughton@leland		7-3870
Hilda Saffari		Asst. Tech. Director	jadzia@leland		7-6959
Dave Burns		Set Designer		dburns@leland		7-5309
Carlo Libaridian	Asst. Set Designer	caldeco@leland		7-2900
David Andre		Lighting Designer	andre@flamingo		326-5113
Antoine Picard		Asst. Lighting/M.E.	antoine@leland		7-1190
George Hilley		Sound Designer		hilley@leland		7-1724
Melissa Wilson	   Costume/Makeup Design  wwwilson@ix.netcom.com (408)997-0588
John Chakan		Shopforeman		bigjohn@leland		7-3660

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