OWOA '00

Original Winter One Acts is a revolutionary showcase of writing, artistic production and performance talent. The performance presents the best work of Stanford's most talented student writers, directors, and actors.

The show is in The Nitery, in the courtyard of Old Union. Tickets are on sale in White Plaza from 11 AM to 1 PM every day this week.
Prices: $8 for Stanford students, $15 general admission

Performance Dates and Times:
January 13-15 (Thu-Sat) at 8pm
January 19-22 (Wed-Sat) at 8pm
January 23 (Sunday) at 2pm

OWOA 2000 presents:

Between Cleanings
Written by Art Schram
Directed by Avery T Willis

In the public restrooms at the Chez Rufus restaurant, no one can escape the calls of Nature, Fate and Truth. Between Cleanings is a one act play which exposes dirty dealings at an office party.

The Christmas Feast
Written by Andrew Hinderaker
Directed by Jessica Donaghy

This is a powerful story told by a young writer, who relates his painful memory of a Christmas past spent with his caring mother and abusive, alcoholic father. The one-act chronicles the mother and son's struggle, as they escape to find a new sense of strength and family love.

Memento Mori
Written by Paul Kerschen
Directed by Geoff von Oeyen & Jennifer Gadda

Adrian is a young man who, for the past year, has been haunted by Death, a robed figure that follows him everywhere, hogs the easy chair, and keeps him from getting dates. A visit to the office of Doctor Omnibus, licensed psychiatrist, prompts a round of therapy involving Adrian's father and a battery of drugs with unpronounceable names. These drugs are provided by Ruby, the secretary with a master's degree, who flippantly deals with Adrian's medications, appointments, and romantic advances. Gerbils are involved, but only by implication.