About us

Founded in 1911, Ram’s Head Theatrical Society is Stanford’s oldest and largest theatrical organization. Each year the group provides acting, directing, designing, and play writing opportunities to over 120 students, and its productions are attended by more than 6,000 people annually. Annual productions include campus traditions such as Gaieties, Winter Show (WiSh), and a full scale Broadway musical.


The objectives of Ram’s Head are to:

  1. Consistently foster quality artistic, learning, and community experiences for our members while having a positive impact on our community and world. We do this by creating theater and balance these goals dependent on the needs of our community.
  2. Foster the production of original works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to learn a bit more about Ram’s Head? Check out our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page for a compendium of basic knowledge about our organization.


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Constitutions and Policies

For more information on the governance of Ram’s Head, the Alumni Board, or guidelines for the day-to-day functionality of the organization, check out CONSTITUTIONS AND POLICIES.

Production Resources

Want to see some of the basic organizational documents that help ensure our productions run smoothly? Check out our PRODUCTION RESOURCES.