Committee on Representation and Diversity

Mission Statement:

The Committee on Representation and Diversity (CoRD) was formed to raise awareness and take action, through discussions and through programs, on and off campus, as to the importance of issues in representation, identity, and diversity in the arts.

  • We affirm the fundamental importance of diversity in the arts.
  • We acknowledge the power of the theatrical medium and the effect that representation in the arts has on others.
  • We assert the need for growth within Ram’s Head, in the Stanford community, and beyond our campus.
  • We strive to showcase underrepresented voices in our organization and through our programming.
  • We recognize that issues in representation and diversity affect actors, techies, administrators, and audiences alike, and strive to improve awareness and effect change for all.

We wish to create an environment in which those from diverse backgrounds can feel welcomed and included in our community, free from the pressure of representing all people who share a similar identity.

For us, embracing diversity means appreciating the value of different backgrounds, races, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, socio-economic statuses, abilities, beliefs, and the ways in which these identities intersect. The concept of diversity, for us, includes but is not limited to the facets listed above.


Sameer Jha (’23, chair).