What is this Ram’s Head thing?

Ram’s Head is Stanford’s oldest student theatrical society. We regularly produce Big Game Gaieties in the fall, Winter Show (WiSh) in the winter, and a big Broadway musical in the Spring. We also occasionally produce Special Projects that are deemed worthy by the organization. Any member of the Stanford community is enthusiastically invited to join us in any of these endeavors, as an actor, singer, dancer, technician, artist, electrician, publicist, usher, director, choreographer, vocal director, musician, or any one of many, many other positions. Even if you’ve never been involved with anything remotely theatrical, we’d love to have you help out! For more information, read on, or visit our contact information!

Ram’s Head encourages people of all experience levels and identities to apply for staff positions and to audition for our productions.

What is Big Game Gaieties?

Big Game Gaieties is one of Stanford’s oldest traditions: an original, student-written, student-produced musical parody which runs in Memorial Auditorium during Big Game Week just before the football game against Cal. The entire show, including the title, is a tightly-held secret until just before it opens.

Here is a rough schedule for Gaieties: Production and artistic staff are appointed late winter or early spring quarter. Writers and composers are appointed in the spring, and finish a rough draft by the end of Spring Quarter. The script is polished over the summer. Auditions are held the first week of classes fall quarter. Pit orchestra auditions are held soon afterwards. Rehearsals last for five or six weeks, in the evenings. The show opens on Wednesday of Big Game Week, and usually holds three performances for packed houses of adoring students.

What is Winter Show (WiSh)?

Winter Show (WiSh) will be a new work created collaboratively with a focus on pushing artistic and technical boundaries for our participants to provide a refreshing/new, meaningful, and accessible experience for company members and audiences. 

WiSh used to be the Original Winter One Acts (or OWOA for short), a series of original one act plays by Stanford students, usually performed in a small performance space like the Nitery or Pigott. In 2019, OWOA was changed to be WiSh.

Here’s a timeline of events for WiSh: Producers and pitches are solicited spring quarter. Production and artistic staff are appointed between spring and fall quarter. Auditions are held mid-fall quarter. Rehearsals go through part of fall and part of winter, and WiSh usually opens the second week of winter quarter, holding about three performances.

What is Spring Show?

Spring Show is generally a professional Broadway musical that we license performance rights for and present in Memorial Auditorium. The production showcases some of Stanford’s best theatrical talent, and provides students with performance, directing, and design opportunities on the largest scale available on campus.

Here is a timeline of events for Spring Show: Spring Show Selection Committee selects three musicals for Ram’s Head to choose from in the middle of spring quarter at Membership Meeting. Shortly thereafter, production staff is appointed. Artistic staff is appointed mid-fall quarter, and auditions are held right after winter break. The show loads into Mem Aud over spring break, and performances begin the second week of spring quarter, running for about five nights over two weeks.

What else do you do?

You mean that isn’t enough?

We occasionally also perform a Fourth Show on top of our usual three performances a year. Recent Fourth Shows have included The Last Five Years, Next to Normal, and Theory of Relativity. Further back in our history, we also produced Little Shop of Horrors, Our Country’s Good, and an original musical entitled One Bad Apple which went on to its professional debut in Washington, DC in September, 1994.

Every Spring we host a Membership Meeting and a Gala, at which we vote upon and then announce, respectively, the next year’s Spring Show, Board of Directors, and Constitutional Amendments. We also hold open Board meetings every week. In addition to being a theatrical community, Ram’s Head is a vibrant social community, and since we can’t get enough of each other in rehearsal, we hold many parties, social gatherings, study sessions, techie tea-times, dinner outings to Celia’s, and other events throughout the year to spend more time together! Want to know more? You’ll just have to join us to experience it yourself.

Other Questions?

If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please feel free to contact us.