2021-2022 Season

Gaieties 2019

Gaieties 2021

About The Show: Gaieties is an annual, student-written musical extravaganza dating back to 1911. Performed the week before Big Game against Cal, Gaieties is the ultimate celebration of how proud, ridiculous, and clever we are as Stanford students. It’s a Stanford tradition not to be missed!

Curious? Direct any questions to producer Ryan Yu.

For More Information visit gaieties.stanford.edu.

La Llorona, WiSh 2021

WiSh 2022: Lodestar

About The Show: A Musical Highlighting New Perspectives on the American West by Katie Pieschala

Curious? Direct any questions to producer Izzy Andaya.

For more information visit wish.stanford.edu.

Heathers, Spring Show 2021

Spring Show 2022: Little Shop of Horrors

About The Show: Little Shop of Horrors by Howard Ashman is an iconic horror comedy musical about Seymour–a shy floral shop employee–and a mysterious plant that transforms his life for the better. That is, until the plant becomes carnivorous. 

Curious? Direct any questions to producer Adaeze Chukwuka.

For more information visit musical.stanford.edu.